You need the perfect voice(s) for your company, brand, campaign, spot, etc ?
We most likely have it in our database, and if not, we will find it.

Voice Casting / Auditions

CKP Media puts the world’s best voice talent at your disposal. Whether you need fresh young voices or experienced actors, union or non-union talent, we most likely have them already in our database of over 4,000 English- and foreign language voice professionals. And if not, we will find and audition them for you. With our studios located on New York's Broadway we have access to an amazing amount of talented actors and broadcasters. We can do custom auditions with client supplied scripts in order to fulfill character descriptions and specific requirements of your project.

Our experienced casting directors can work with your your in-house marketing/voice branding experts or work with your advertising agency to develop the perfect "persona" and match it to the best fitting American English, Spanish or any other major language you need.


Casting & Audition Information For Voice Talent

If you would like to be included in our voice database and/or need additional information on upcoming voice castings and auditions, please visit us at our dedicated voice talent site: https://www.ckpvoice.com.

Recording Studios:

261 W 35th Street / Suite 502
New York, NY 10001


New York Office:  (+1) 212 239 8695
Florida Office:  (+1) 212 239 8695 Ext: 601
Connecticut Office:  (+1) 212 239 8695 Ext: 501

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