CKP Media has years of experience finding the best fitting voices for corporations, brands and products. From Audi to Citigroup, from Fitbit to Samsung's Bixby, we know how and where to find the perfect voice for your spots, apps, voice agent, IVR (phone) systems, products, training videos, etc.

Voice Branding

Voice Branding

Voice Control is now quickly replacing typing as method of access in software and apps. But that is not all – appliances, cars and many other everyday gadgets will soon be controlled by voice. Having clearly identifiable corporate voice(s) that represent your corporate style, products and your philosophy will soon be a must for every major corporation. 
CKP Media is one of the leading providers of voice branding services in the world. We work with clients directly and/or with advertising agencies. We can assist in the creation of "personas" utilizing our expertise in matching and finding that perfect voice for a company, product line or service. Our highly regarded international teams know what is important when searching for brand voices for international markets. We keep your target audience, cultural aspects, tradition and the latest trends in mind, when narrowing down to the best fitting voices. 

CKP media’s mission is to provide a standard of service

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